Traditional Glass Christmas Ornaments by Inge-Glas of Germany


Browse our selection of beautiful, authentic Inge-Glas Christmas ornaments. Made with high-grade, mouth-blown glass since 1596, Inge-Glas offers handcrafted, hand-painted traditional German glass Christmas ornaments that truly stand the test of time.


Inge-Glas of Germany®, a family business, has been crafting traditional German glass Christmas ornaments by hand for generations. Since 1596, Inge-Glas® has stood for artisanal craftsmanship, attention to detail, and beauty that stands the test of time. Dedicated to the art of fine blown-glass Christmas ornaments, Inge-Glas® caps every one of their ornaments with their trademark exclusive 5-Point Star Crown™ suspension ring, which is a globally recognized symbol of German quality and tradition.

It can take up to seven days to produce a single Inge-Glas® Christmas ornament, from preparing the ceramic-based moulds that enable them to produce such extraordinarily detailed heirlooms, to blowing, silvering, painting, and finally finishing each ornament in the Müller-Blech family workshop tradition.

While Inge-Glas® has grown to employ over 100 masters, artisans and employees, it still manages to maintain the tradition and characteristics of a small family business. Starting with the same ceramic-based mould composition as those created over a century ago, each finished product is a gorgeous, like-no-other ornament that you will be proud to hang on your Christmas tree for years to come. And by passing these ornaments down from generation to generation, Inge-Glas® will become a tradition in your family as well.

Other features of Inge-Glas® of Germany:

- A glassblowing family tradition since 1596.

- Inge-Glas of Germany is "Green": their workshop uses only a pure, high grade German glass and lead-free paints, lacquers and glitters. They remain steadfast in maintaining their duty to the ecological future of our planet and preserving centuries-old tradition.

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