Handcrafted Glass Ornaments from Germany and Around The World!

Welcome to Heirlooms To Cherish! On these pages you will find a wealth of individually handcrafted glass Christmas ornaments. We feature Inge-Glas, whose ornaments are made with high-grade, mouth-blown glass. Following centuries-old traditions, Inge-Glas offers handcrafted, hand-painted traditional German glass Christmas ornaments that truly stand the test of time.

We have recently added Vaillancourt Folk Art, whose mouth-blown, hand painted figural ornaments emulate the finest chalkware figures in the world. We believe you will especially enjoy the Jingle Balls!

We are also excited to introduceTeresa's Heart Gifts, a collection of handpainted ornaments, each of which can be considered a "Hallmark card for the Christmas Tree!. Along with simple yet profound messages, many of these ornaments also feature Swarovski elements

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